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Reviving a Struggling Solar PV System: A Successful Upgrade for Great Coates Motors


RSUK Solar was recently approached by Great Coates Motors, a North East Lincolnshire based dealership, to repair and upgrade their existing solar PV system, as well as install a new system.

The client had a goal of saving money on their electricity bills and wanted to future-proof their business against rising electricity costs. 

RSUK Solar was chosen for the project due to their reputation for delivering high-quality work and their extensive expertise in solar PV installation. Furthermore, they were able to accommodate the client's schedule, and the system was signed off on a weekend to minimise disruption to their daily operations.

About Great Coates Motors

Great Coates Motors is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing exceptional vehicle sales, servicing and repairs for over 50 years. From humble beginnings as a small garage in Great Coates village, the company has expanded into a modern facility on the South Humberside Industrial Estate in Grimsby. 

Their comprehensive suite of services includes the sales of used cars and vans, in addition to the servicing and repairs of cars, vans, and motorhomes. Great Coates Motors also has a contract hire and daily rental department, supplying vehicles to businesses both locally and nationwide.

The company has earned a variety of accolades over the years, including being appointed as a Bosch Car Service garage in 2002, an impressive achievement for any automotive business. Great Coates Motors surpassed this accomplishment by achieving the highest grading ever attained in the UK during the Bosch audit. 

Through partnering with Bosch as a Bosch Car Service Centre, Great Coates Motors ensures that all its technicians are trained to the highest standards on the latest technology. This equips the company with the tools and knowledge necessary to work on the most advanced vehicles in the industry.

The extensive experience of their staff enables Great Coates Motors to provide customers with the highest levels of support, skill, and knowledge, ensuring vehicles are always serviced or repaired to the highest of standards.

Great Coates Motors has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy business that prioritises customer satisfaction and their commitment to excellence has made them a premier choice for automotive services in the Grimsby area.

The Challenge

Great Coates Motors faced the challenge of increasing electricity bills that were cutting into their profit margins. Their business operations resulted in a significant amount of energy being used, from powering lights, office equipment, and machinery to charging electric vehicles. They were spending a significant amount of money on electricity bills each year and needed a solution to reduce these costs.

The solution needed to be cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, and require minimal maintenance while mitigating against rising energy costs. Additionally, they needed a Solar PV system that would generate more electricity than their current one and be efficient even in low-light conditions.

Their existing solar PV system wasn’t generating the expected amount of electricity due to several issues, including broken panels and incorrect wiring. The system was costing the business more money in repairs than it was saving on electricity bills. The client realised that they needed to upgrade their system to generate more electricity and to ensure that they were not vulnerable to future electricity price hikes.

Why Great Coates Motors Chose RSUK Solar

The customer chose RSUK Solar for several reasons:

  • Their reputation for delivering quality work and their expertise in solar PV installation. This reputation has been earnt through their successful completion of previous solar PV projects, which have been well-received by their clients.
  • Their team of experts visited the site and conducted a thorough inspection of the existing solar PV system. They were able to identify the issues with the existing system and provide recommendations for improvements. They provided a detailed and transparent quote, which was in line with the client's budget and expectations.
  • They were able to offer a solution that was specifically designed for the client's needs. They recommended the installation of new panels that were specifically designed for north-facing roofs, which allowed the system to generate more electricity, even in low light conditions. Their team also recommended the use of a more efficient inverter, which would provide further cost savings for the client
  • RSUK Solar has a commitment to sustainability and providing renewable energy solutions for businesses. They were able to provide a solution that would not only provide cost savings for the client but also future-proof their business against rising electricity costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Solution

RSUK Solar’s team of experts visited the site and conducted a thorough inspection of the existing solar PV system. They identified that the existing wiring was done incorrectly, which was causing issues with the system's performance, and they carried out commercial electrical work to alter the wiring and make it compliant with regulations. They also identified the pitch of the client’s roof was less than 10 degrees.

Their team then removed the faulty solar panels and replaced them with panels specifically designed for north-facing roofs. These panels have a higher efficiency rate than the previous ones, and they generate more electricity, even in low light conditions.

They also upgraded the inverter, which is responsible for converting the DC electricity generated by the panels into usable AC electricity for the business. The new inverter is more efficient and reliable than the previous one, resulting in further cost savings for the client.

The Results

RSUK Solar’s solar PV installation at Great Coates Motors has provided significant cost savings for the business. The upgraded system is generating more electricity than the previous one, resulting in a reduction in the company's electricity bills. 

The system's efficiency has increased, resulting in even greater savings than originally quoted.

The system is also future proofing the business against rising electricity costs. The company is now generating a significant portion of their electricity from a renewable source, reducing their dependence on the grid and mitigating against future price hikes.

Our Customer Said...

“We have recently had a new solar system installed at our business premises and home by RSUK Solar. The expert advice given by Jack upon quoting and attention to detail on installation by Bruno and his team were excellent. Superb service from start to finish. Thank you.”


The solar PV installation carried out at Great Coates Motors has been a success, providing the client with significant cost savings and future-proofing their business against rising electricity costs. RSUK Solar’s reputation for quality work and expertise in solar PV installation has been upheld, and they have received positive feedback from the client. 

RSUK Solar are proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to continuing to provide sustainable solutions for businesses in the UK.