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Graypen Group’s Going Green Initiative with RSUK Solar


In a bid to revolutionise its energy management and change its reliance on grid-produced electricity to renewable energy, Graypen Group partnered with RSUK Solar for an innovative solar PV installation at its Head Office in Immingham. RSUK Solar was chosen for the project due to its reputation for delivering high-quality work and its extensive expertise in solar PV installation.

About Graypen Group

Graypen Group is an award winning, independent port agency which provides freight forwarding, customs clearance, transport, project cargo shipping, shipbroking and vessel/cargo surveying solutions. The company has been delivering progressive but traditional tanker port agency services for over 50 years.

Graypen Group believes that shipping is about people and that relationships are central to understanding and delivering upon expectation. It understands the importance of technology to deliver its service but it never forget to connect with its customers face to face.

Its staff members are a valued USP and it employs people with a ‘service first’ attitude who always want to do their best and are passionate about what they do. Graypen Group is a fully independent British company and offers a transparent, flexible approach to port agency.

The Challenge

Graypen Group faced a pressing challenge at its Head Office, based in Immingham – an unprecedented high electricity demand. The property, fully reliant on electric heating and powering essential systems like air conditioning, was grappling with soaring costs and environmental implications. The challenge lay in finding a sustainable solution that addressed the immediate electricity concerns and aligned with Graypen Group’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Why Graypen Group Chose RSUK Solar

Graypen Group chose RSUK Solar for several reasons:
• Graypen Group sought a partner with a hands-on approach to address its pressing energy challenges.
• RSUK Solar's proactive engagement was evident through multiple pre-order meetings, showcasing a commitment to understanding Graypen Group’s unique requirements.
• The absence of a pressured sales environment allowed Graypen the freedom to thoroughly explore various options, reinforcing its trust in RSUK Solar.
• RSUK Solar's proven track record in delivering high-quality and successful solar PV solutions of significant scale aligned with Graypen Group’s standards and added confidence to its decision-making process.

The Solution

RSUK Solar devised a bespoke solar PV solution for Graypen Group’s Head Office in Immingham. A 99.76kW solar PV system featuring 232 high-efficiency 430-watt panels was installed. This meticulously designed system aimed to address Graypen Group’s immediate energy needs effectively and laid the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective future.

The Results

RSUK Solar’s solar PV installation at Graypen Group’s Head Office in Immingham significantly mitigated the company’s electricity running costs, providing immediate financial relief and positioned them as a leader in an industry traditionally reliant on oil. Graypen Group achieved a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Customer Said...

RSUK Solar has completed the installation of a 99kW Solar PV System at our Head Office in Immingham. From our initial enquiry to finishing the project, their service has been exemplary. They worked in a very neat and tidy manner and showed great respect for our building. The whole team were very helpful and professional and are a credit to the business. We are absolutely delighted with the system and would recommend RSUK Solar without hesitation!”

– Alison Fraser - Office Services Manager.”


The successful collaboration between Graypen Group and RSUK Solar exemplifies the potential for sustainable practices within the logistics industry. Through a hands-on approach and innovative solutions, Graypen Group has transformed its energy landscape and has set a commendable standard for sustainability in the sector.

Imagery and drone footage supplied courtesy of Graypen Group