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Tailored Solutions: Tilletts Expansion Success Story with RSUK Group


RSUK Group was approached by local business owner, Melanie Tillett, in relation to a significant expansion project in Humberston, for Tilletts.

The project aimed to convert a former pet supplies warehouse into a multi-functional space for offices, video production, promotions, and online sales. RSUK Group provided comprehensive consultation services and project management, contributing to a successful strip out of the warehouse.

About The Business

Tilletts, established in 2006, is a family-owned and run clothing business known for offering quality clothing at affordable prices. With a strong emphasis on providing a unique and comfortable shopping experience, Tilletts has gained recognition for its commitment to excellent customer service. The company caters to a diverse clientele, primarily focusing on women aged 30 to 65, with a wide-ranging appeal that extends from ages 19 to 90.

The Challenge

Tilletts has ambitious plans to embark on an expansion project in Humberston, driven by the increasing demands of their growing customer base.

The challenge involved stripping out the former pet supplies warehouse to transform the area into a versatile space that would accommodate offices, video production, promotions, and online sales. This complex project required meticulous planning and the removal of all existing interior components.

Why The Business Owner Chose RSUK Group

The business owner’s decision to partner with RSUK Group was based on several factors:

  • RSUK Group’s expertise in project consultation and management was a decisive factor for Tilletts. The company offered a comprehensive and holistic approach that covered multiple aspects of the project, providing a single point of contact for all requirements.
  • Unlike national companies with limited flexibility, RSUK Group demonstrated a high level of adaptability. This ensured that the project could be tailored to Tilletts' specific needs and preferences, leading to cost savings without compromising on quality.
  • RSUK Group’s track record of successful projects instilled confidence in Tilletts' decision to collaborate with them.

The Solution

RSUK Group’s solution encompassed a comprehensive range of services, including the removal of existing internal components. This paved the way for subsequent plumbing and electrical work to be carried out, facilitating the seamless transition of Unit B1 into a dynamic and multifunctional space.

By skilfully clearing the building and creating a blank slate, RSUK Group laid the groundwork for the transformation, ensuring that the installation of essential infrastructure and functional zones could be executed with precision and efficiency. This vital contribution underlined RSUK Group's expertise and commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to Tilletts' unique expansion needs.

The Results

The strip out of the former pet supplies warehouse was a resounding success. RSUK Group’s meticulous project management approach ensured a smooth and organised execution, effectively minimising disruptions, and delays throughout the entire process. 

Additionally, Tilletts benefitted from cost savings due to RSUK Group’s flexible and customised solutions, proving that a tailored approach can be both efficient and cost-effective.


The collaboration between Tilletts and RSUK Group exemplifies the benefits of tailored project management and comprehensive consultation services. By choosing RSUK Group, Tillett's was able to progress with converting a former pet supplies warehouse into a dynamic space that accommodated their evolving needs, resulting in improved functionality, cost savings, and an enhanced customer experience.

This case study showcases how a strategic partnership can drive successful outcomes in even the most complex of projects.