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Jack Lobaczewski Recognised as One of Lincolnshire’s Most Talented Young Individuals

Jack Lobaczewski, the Founder and Managing Director of RSUK Group, has earned a place among the area's most promising young leaders in the prestigious 'Lincolnshire 30 Under 30'. This annual celebration, now in its fifth year, is a testament to the achievements of young professionals who have envisioned success and transformed that into tangible achievements.

Starting his career with an apprenticeship at Wilkin Chapman LLP, Jack defied expectations by rapidly ascending the corporate ladder, acquiring experiences that are often reserved for university graduates. His ability to navigate challenges with composure and a relentless thirst for knowledge laid the foundation for his subsequent entrepreneurial success.

In January 2022, Jack founded RSUK Group and what began as a singular vision has evolved into a multifaceted commitment to renewable energy services. This expansion reflects Jack's business philosophy — one that is not only far-reaching but firmly rooted in community values. RSUK Group, under Jack's leadership, has become a champion of sustainable practices, building partnerships with local authorities, businesses, and homeowners alike.

Jack's leadership extends beyond the boardroom, establishing a new framework of business that places equal importance on community and environmental welfare. At RSUK Group, our mission is to make sustainable energy adoption accessible and cost-effective.

One standout project highlighting Jack's ability to manage projects of substantial scale and significance is the successful tender of a solar PV installation project across six locations in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, with a valuation exceeding £500,000. This not only underscores Jack's project management expertise but also contributes significantly to the region's renewable energy landscape.

Beyond business transactions, Jack's investment in the community is evident. Sponsoring Laceby FC, he not only supports local sports but also champions environmental sustainability by providing the team with eco-friendly kits made from recycled plastic bottles.

Jack's inclusion in the Lincolnshire 30 Under 30 is a well-deserved celebration, not just for him but for the community and industry he serves. Katrina Burrill, Director at Stonebow Media, applauds the 2023 Lincolnshire 30 Under 30 cohort, noting their admirable selection and the shared dedication to recognising and championing emerging talent. Jack's acknowledgement reflects not only his individual success but also the success of a business model that combines financial success with a meaningful mission.

The recognition of Jack Lobaczewski in the Lincolnshire 30 Under 30 directly translates into benefits for RSUK Group customers. The commitment to sustainable energy practices assures customers they are not just engaging a service provider but partnering with leaders in their journey towards a greener and more cost-effective future. This accolade reinforces the credibility and expertise that Jack brings to the table, assuring customers that they are in the hands of a leader acknowledged for his contributions to the industry.

Additionally, Jack's success in securing large-scale projects, showcases RSUK Group’s ability to handle and manage projects of significant scale and importance. This directly translates to added assurance for customers, affirming that they have the expertise and experience to deliver on projects that matter.

As we celebrate Jack’s well-deserved recognition in the Lincolnshire 30 Under 30, we also acknowledge the implications that accompany this. This is not just a personal achievement for Jack, but a reflection of RSUK Group’s commitment to community, sustainability, and excellence as a business