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Save Money and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Are you looking for ways to reduce expenses on energy at home? Solar PV systems are a popular option due to their combination of environmental advantages and long-term cost savings.

Here at RSUK Solar, we take great pride in being a leading provider of solar PV installations for domestic properties. We offer homeowners a sustainable energy solution that reduces their dependence on utility companies and lowers their overall energy expenses. We integrate state-of-the-art technologies, unmatched functionality, and comprehensive warranties into our installations. This ensures that our customers receive installations of the highest quality and receive exceptional value for their money.

Solar panels transform daylight into power and provide your home with a continuous source of electricity, even on cloudy days.

Find out how these panels, along with inverters and meters, work seamlessly together to power your home and offer additional benefits.

How Solar PV Works

1. Solar Panels: Utilising Daylight to Generate Electricity

Situated on your roof, wall or land, solar panels collect daylight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. These panels are designed to maximise energy absorption, ensuring optimal power generation throughout the day. Don't let cloudy skies fool you – solar panels still generate electricity even in less sunny conditions, making them a reliable energy source.

2. Inverters: Transforming DC Electricity into Usable AC Power

To make the electricity generated by solar panels compatible with your home's electrical system, an inverter comes into play. This device converts the DC electricity produced by the panels into alternating current (AC) power, which is the standard form of electricity used in households.

Inverters are typically installed in convenient locations such as your garage or utility room, near your fuse board. With their compact size, about that of an A4 sheet of paper, they seamlessly integrate into your home's infrastructure.

3. Meter: Channelling Power to Illuminate Your Home

Once the AC power is generated by the inverter, it passes through a meter and enters your home's consumer unit or fuse board. From there, it is distributed to power your electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, and sockets. The meter plays a crucial role in measuring the electricity usage and ensuring a smooth flow of power throughout your home.

4. Maximising Excess Solar Power: Storage and Selling Options

If your solar panels generate more electricity than your home requires, you have two great options for making the most of the surplus power. First, you can store the excess electricity in a solar battery storage system, allowing you to use it later when your energy demand is higher or during periods of low sunlight. This enables you to maximise self-consumption and reduce reliance on the grid.

Alternatively, you can sell the surplus electricity back to the National Grid. By feeding it back into the grid, you contribute to the overall availability of clean energy for others to use. This arrangement often takes advantage of incentive programs, allowing you to earn credits for the electricity you provide.


Many thanks for the supply and fitting of our 11Kw solar panel system in May 2022. The fitting crew were prompt polite and professional at all times, a credit to your company.
We have exceeded our energy production over and above your conservative estimates. Most companies would exaggerate the energy production just to seal the sale. We felt at all times that the advice and recommendations on what type of panel and inverters we should have were made with honesty and integrity.

In conclusion we can thoroughly recommend RSUK for solar panel installation. We would stress at this point we have no commercial or financial tie to your company. We wish you well in your future solar panel sale and installations. We are more than happy to recommend your company at any time in the future.

Peter & Mandy Charles, Boston, UK

We have recently had a new solar system installed at our business premises and home by RSUK group. The expert advice given by Jack upon quoting and attention to detail on installation by Bruno and his team were excellent. Superb service from start to finish. Thank you

Allan McCartney, Grimsby, UK